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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Overlooking San Antonio (with a wide angle lens)

As I mentioned in my posts from my trip to DC, I purchased a wide angle lens that allows me to capture much more of everything in photos compared to what I was using at the time, the stock 18-55mm lens that came with my T1i. This shot has all three hotel towers, plus part of the Hilton, as well as the Alamodome and Tower of Americas, whereas in the previous shot the Marriott was the only tower that was fully visible.

This is another shot, from the same perspective, as what is currently my most popular photo, which I included for comparison purposes. This was taken early on a Saturday morning just before a thunderstorm came through, I am planning on revisiting this weekend to get some shots with more traffic, pedestrians, and tourists (and maybe manage to get a few other shots that I've been hoping for).

I also have had another month or so to get used to refining the process, and I think this photo overall came out much better (it doesn't have the overwhelming colors that my previous effort contained)(I don't think it makes the original look bad, I just like the more realistic look much more). I hope you enjoy this shot!

San Antonio in the early morning

Original San Antonio downtown shot

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