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Sunday, October 24, 2010

St. Joseph Parish in downtown San Antonio

I finally had a chance to take this shot yesterday after having my plans of some sunrise pictures foiled by a thunderstorm. It is a very small church that is surrounded by the Rivercenter Mall. I have wanted to visit for awhile (and always wondered what it looked like inside) and am very happy that I stopped in. I think the interior is the most stunning out of any church in San Antonio (that I have been to yet).

The cornerstone for the church was laid in 1868, but the most impressive feature of the church, the stained glass windows, were purchase in 1902 for $3,000. The reason the church is surrounded by the Mall is in 1945 Joske's Department Store tried to purchase the church and land so it could be utilized for store expansion. The parishioners at the time voted unanimously against selling, resulting in the unique location today.

I took several shots of the interior which I will be processing over the coming days. I also have to go back and capture the stained glass windows on a bright sunny day. You can see the stained glass in the shot, but to be fair without very bright sunlight I don't feel any photo would do them justice. I highly recommend stopping by the church to see it in person if you ever visit San Antonio.

St. Joseph Parish

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