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Monday, November 22, 2010

American bald eagle

Today's photo is a shot I took over the weekend at the San Antonio Zoo of an American bald eagle. The last time that I visited the zoo the eagle was not on display so I did not have the opportunity to photograph the bird. This time after spending quite some time in the butterfly exhibit and the reptile house I made my way around the zoo and fortunately for me the eagle was on display again. It is kept in an open air partition, I don't know exactly what the reason for this is (I'm guessing it either has or did have a severely injured wing and is unable to fly).

I got out my Tamron 28-300 zoom lens for this shot, and while it is definitely not an "L" series lens I was able to make the photo sharp and put the final touches on the coloring, sharpness, and light while retaining a slight amount of blurring in the background. I got lucky too and it happened to look directly into the camera during one of the (admittedly many) shots that I took hoping for just that.

American bald eagle at the San Antonio Zoo

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