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Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphin at Sea World San Antonio

Today's shot is one from my gallery that I took not too long after I really started to get in to HDR Photography, it is a shot of a dolphin at Sea World San Antonio wanting some food. At some point I am hoping to go back to Sea World at get some more shots (I have learned quite a bit since I started taking shots back in August) but just haven't had a chance to make it back there yet.

This was created using solely Photomatix and Noiseware Professional (back before I learned about how powerful Photoshop can be for post-processing, as well as some of the better plugins like the Topaz Labs bundle). I am very interested to see how the shot would turn out with more experience under my belt (which I would be able to do if I had kept the original photos, which I did not realize the importance of until I was a few weeks into it...oh well).

Dolphin at Sea World San Antonio

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