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Friday, November 19, 2010

RiverCenter Courtyard

Today's first shot is of the courtyard located just outside of the RiverCenter Mall in downtown San Antonio, Texas. I took this shot in the far corner of the courtyard around dusk and got lucky to get a pretty steady shot of one of the River Taxi / River Tourboats going by. While I was working on this photo I decided to revisit my original RiverCenter Coutryard shot and add a partly cloudy sky to the photo instead of the original plain blue sky. I also re-did the colors using Color Efex Pro...and to me it looks nothing like the original. There are pretty much just mild changes, but I think it came out looking much better than the original.

PS: Yes, I cleaned up the water in the Riverwalk to make it clean. No, the water really doesn't look like that. I wish it really did.

Corner of the Courtyard

Re-worked RiverCenter Courtyard

Original RiverCenter Courtyard

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