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Saturday, November 20, 2010

USS Bexar - Shuttlecraft 3

Today I was fortunate enough to purchase my first "L" lens (17-40mm F/4L USM Ultra Wide Angle Zoom) (Quick slightly off-topic note: If you have never used an "L" lens before I highly recommend it. The way the shots came out are incredible. So much more detail and clarity than any other shot. I just cannot say enough about how much of a difference the "L" quality makes in your photos).....and I took it for a spin around the San Antonio Zoo and some shots in Brackenridge Park. I had actually finished getting shots at the zoo and on my way out of the park I came across this awesome van. I went all the way to the exit of the park to turn around and return to take several shots of it. I was lucky because the owner was in the process of packing up (I am guessing after an event in the park) and I asked if I could take pictures of it (I didn't want to stop him from leaving just so I could have gotten some shots, but I would have been very disappointed had he said no).

I took some shots of the front of the van as well. It had the Starfleet/United Federation of Planets logo flanked by an American flag and a Texas flag. I am going to process and post that too, but I am so tired after shooting all day today I only have the energy to process one photo. I gave the owner a card that contained my contact information and links to my blog and smugmug site, I truly hope he visits and shares his thoughts on the way it turned out (and maybe even on what led him to create such an awesome vehicle!!).

I hope you enjoy this picture and share my jealousy for being able to call such a unique vehicle your own.

USS Bexar NCC-71718 Shuttlecraft 3

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