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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Interior of Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

While I was walking around the Inner Harbor area on the 8th I stopped by the Barnes and Noble Bookstore located in the old Power Plant building just to see what it looked like inside. It was pretty impressive, if you have never been inside of it it is quite possibly the most impressive Barnes and Noble in the world. I picked up a guidebook to Baltimore for $3.50 and one of the sites I decided I had to shoot the next day was this church which is located in Mount Vernon, about a 15 minute walk from the Inner Harbor.

Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church was completed on 12 November 1872. The site "sits on the site of the mansion owned by Charles Howard who was married to Elizabeth Phoebe Key; daughter of Francis Scott Key. Francis Scott Key died in the mansion and a plaque observing his death adorns one of the exterior walls. This bit of history allows the church be marked as a historical location on the National Historic Register". The bit of history was taken from the brochure on the church that the groundskeeper let me have.

The doors to the church are locked, I had to ring the bell of the administration offices, located in the adjacent house, and be let in by the head groundskeeper. He was very pleasant and understanding about my desire to take photos, and let me take shots of the interior for about 15 minutes. He stated that they have tours of the church as well, but the individuals that ran the tours had not yet arrived for the day. It would have been interesting to learn more about the church, but for now photos will have to suffice.

The interior of the church itself feels much older than 1872, I think it is pretty impressive looking. The exterior is fairly unique as well, and I will be posting a processed shot of the exterior in the coming days.

Interior of Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church

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