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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Matador and bull in Snowman Village

Today's photo is another photo taken at Sea World San Antonio on Thanksgiving in the "Snowman Village" attraction. This shot is of a matador. who does not look too happy, and a bull ready to "charge". There are several other displays at Snowman Village that I have to go back and re-shoot, I am thinking of putting them all in one blog post similar to the Bill FitzGibbons "Light Channels" series that I did a few weeks ago.

On this photo I mainly focused on the lighting and detail and very little else. Once again I did my normal method of de-saturating the background while keeping the subjects that I wanted to be more pronounced (the bull, matador, and cape) relatively untouched. The more that I use this technique the more that I really like it, it seems to almost make the subject pop off the photo a little bit more and I really like how it looks. I had to clean up the snow a little bit as well, to erase some of the "dirty" look but overall am very happy with how the photo turned out.

I'm curious, what style do you like better? The "surreal" look of the snowmen playing football or the more "realistic" look of this shot?

Matador and bull at Snowman Village

Snowmen playing football at Snowman Village

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