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Monday, December 13, 2010

Reading Terminal Market

This is probably the last photo I am going to post from our short trip to Philadelphia, as I stated previously I didn't have a chance to take that many shots while we were there since the main reason for the trip was to visit the Mutter Museum.

I got this shot after we had dinner across the street from this location. I didn't know what the "Reading Terminal" was until I got home and researched it for this post, I just knew that it looked like it would be a pretty good photo. I set up the tripod on top of a pair of newspaper vending machines (mainly to provide a small amount of protection from the cab drivers who would swerve over three lanes to try to make a turn on the adjacent road) and took several shots with both my 17-40 lens and newly purchased 10-22 lens. This shot was actually taken with the 10-22, as it gives a wider field of view than the 17-40.

Back to the Reading Terminal Market, a detailed look at the history of the market can be found on their website. For those that decide to not read the detailed version of the market history, it has been around selling produce and goods since 1892. Once the Reading Railroad ceased to function, the city had a variety of plans for the massive building, finally settling on using it as the location for the Reading Market. I would have liked to have gone inside the terminal for some interior shots (you can see the beams through the glass on the right side of the photo) but there wasn't enough time.

I did my normal amount of color desaturation on this photo, and darkened the neon lights to make them a little more readable and less saturated. I also did some small retouching of certain areas (like darkening the cab tire and removing some of the red light saturation from above the Reading Terminal Market sign) using Viveza.

I hope you enjoy the photo, please do not hesitate to leave and questions or comments. As always, remember that you can click on the photo to view it up to "X3" in size!

Reading Terminal Market

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