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Monday, December 20, 2010

Riverwalk Christmas - Museum Reach

This photo is taken near the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, Texas. The brewery itself is the building outlined by white lights. This year the city decided to place lights under and around the water for the Christmas celebration and I think it looks much nicer than anything that could be found downtown, which seems to have an abundance of red lights this year. I commented about the red look to a friend of mine and we noticed that the light strands downtown have both red and pink lights on them. Even though the lights do sometimes blink on and off, the red and pink lights (sometimes even both) always seem to be on, which probably accounts for the red glow.

But, this photo is not of downtown, it is of what I consider to be the much nicer portion of the Riverwalk, the Museum Reach The sidewalks are very wide and are all stroller and handicapped accessible. This portion of Riverwalk is very well landscaped and much more impressive than the "downtown" portion of the Riverwalk. I know that I have stated this in a previous post, but I am re-stating it again for any new readers that are checking out this post.

This was a time-lapse picture that I shot specifically to capture the purple color of the small waterfall in the bottom left of the photo. These lights changed colors and I will be working on a few shots with different colors in the future, but I think the purple one came out the best so I did it first. You can also notice the glow of the lights under the water as they too are part of this year's Museum reach decorations.

As with all of my photos/post, I appreciate any comments and feedback. And remember, you can click on the photo to view it up to X3 in size. Thanks for stopping by!

Riverwalk Christmas - Museum Reach

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