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Thursday, December 16, 2010

USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor

The subject of today's photo is the USS Constellation, located in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.  The USS Constellation is one of four ships located around the Inner Harbor as part of the "Historic Ships" tour.  This is actually the second USS Constellation and it was originally launched in 1855.  The previous Constellation was broken up in 1853 in Norfolk after being docked there since 1845.  If you have visited Baltimore and the Inner Harbor you likely have seen this ship before, but thanks to the wonders of HDR processing hopefully you have never seen it like this before.


When I took this shot I wanted the shot to be a little darker than normal to allow a more natural look without creating an over-saturation of color.  As with any HDR shot, I used Photomatix and HDR Efex Pro to generate the HDR images (usually I use a combination of the results of both programs to generate my "final" image).  Once I was happy with the blending, I used Nik's Color Efex Pro and Viveza as well as Topaz Lab's DeNoise5 and InFocus in the processing of this shot.  Once I got the lighting how I wanted, I slightly desaturated the entire shot to give it a more realistic feel.  This is one of the shots that I honestly got lucky on.  I thought it would be a pretty nice photo, but as I started to work on it I realized it was going to end up looking much nicer than I had anticipated.  I hope you agree!


As always, questions/comments/feedback is always appreciated, and you can click on the photo to see it up to X3 in size.


USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor

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