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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another night on the Riverwalk

Today's photo is another nighttime shot of the Riverwalk in downtown San Antonio, Texas. I took this the same night as my new Texas Tables shot (in fact, you can see some of the Texas tables in the upper right side of the Riverwalk). I don't recall ever taking any photos from the vantage point of this small footbridge that crosses the Riverwalk so I set up my tripod (trying to take up as little space as possible) and captured several bracketed shots.

I had to try to get the timing down perfectly because the river taxis were constantly going in and coming out of the shot and I did not want any of the light streaks on the water for this shot. There is one part of this shot that I am not terribly happy with, which is the bird droppings on top of the umbrellas covering the tables on the lower right portion of the shot. I thought about using Photoshop to get rid of as much of it as I could, but I ultimately decided against it. Instead, it gives me another reason to want to retake this photo when everything starts to turn green again!

Night on the Riverwalk

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  1. Of course you need a reason to retake :o)...If you had not mentioned the 'bird droppings' I would not have even noticed!! Only really saw it when viewing it in large size on smugmug.
    Will be interested to see your retake when things 'green' wondering with the trees in the foreground if having leaves would take away from the beautiful colors on the riverwalk?
    Keep up the great work-always enjoy your posts!!!

  2. Great photo! Love the colors and vantage point. No bird droppings in this photo.

  3. Thanks! When I was originally processing the shot I thought there was dust on the lens or something, it took me a little bit to realize what that actually was on top of the umbrellas!

    As for the trees and leaves taking away from the color, I don't think so. My original Texas Tables shot was taken when everything was green, I think it enhances the picture (although I've learned about making the color more natural, so it won't be as eye bleeding when I shoot it again, it will be more natural and distinctive coloring!)