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Sunday, June 12, 2011

River Walk Streetcar Station

Today's photo is a scene from the Riverwalk that I must have passed hundreds of times but didn't ever really notice that it had the potential to make an interesting photo until last week. This shot is taken near the elevators that take you from the Riverwalk to street level (just off of Losoya Street). The red object is the Torch of Friendship, which is likely one of the sights that you remember if you have visited San Antonio.

I waited for groups of tourists to pass to acquire the brackets required for the shot so shooting this scene took about 5 minutes, even though the longest the shutter was open was 5 seconds. I know that there are public transit stops (including the "trolleys" at the "station") but I guess a long time ago it was actually a streetcar stop.

I decided that I ultimately liked the black and white look more, but the Torch of Friendship didn't quite look right in black and white so I kept the original coloring while using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2 to convert the shot to black and white.

River Walk Streetcar Station

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