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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Today's shot is another photo that I took at the Udvar-Hazy Center back in June, with the subject of this shot being the space shuttle Enterprise. The Enterprise is one of the primary attractions at the center (along with the SR-71 and the B-29 "Enola Gay") and trying to get the "perfect" shot is a lesson in patience, to say the least. This marked my first weekend visit, unfortunately it was also a special day that invited children to get into the aviation career, so it was much more crowded than usual. After wrapping the Gorillapod around a railing I had to wait about 45 minutes to try to get a series of bracketed shots that would not be interrupted by people walking through the field of view. A museum tour group (which can be seen on the right, near the wing of the shuttle) blocked a majority of people walking through and I finally had my chance to get a series of shots. I actually ended up being able to get three sets total, but I think this one came out the best of the three.

I made the white tiles of the shuttle a little brighter (and whiter) than they really were and I also used a combination of the original shots to minimize the motion blur from people in the scene as much as possible.

The Enterprise is eventually going to end up at the Intrepid Museum in New York and the Enterprise will be replaced by Discovery. I am not sure if I am going to have a chance to visit the Center again before that happens, so the shots that I was able to take in June may end up being my personal last photos of the Enterprise before she finds a new home in New York City.


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