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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Riverwalk Sunbeams

Today's photo is a shot that I took about two months ago during a trip to get some shots around the Riverwalk while trying out my brand new 64x filter. One of the advantages of the filter is that I am able to capture sunbeams really effectively by taking shots into the sun, and this is another photo that highlights that. This is taken just outside of the Rivercenter Mall, on the location that a Peruvian flute band is normally playing and trying to bilk tourists out of money in hopes of getting them to purchase their overpriced CD, which, based off the songs that the band plays, consists entirely of three songs.

The lighting in this shot is a little bit darker than most of my photos, it is not because of the filter, it is simply because I felt that making the shot brighter decreased the effect of the sunbeams, which is what I really wanted to highlight in this photo.

Riverwalk Sunbeams

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