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Friday, October 14, 2011

Overlooking Camden Yards

As most of you know, this December I will be leaving San Antonio after living there for almost 10 years (in between overseas deployments) and moving to Baltimore to start a new job and career at cmdLabs in a few weeks. One of the early apartments that caught my eye was the Zenith, which is located next to Camden Yards. After being shown the model apartment by my leasing representative Andrea and seeing the incredible view (which was on the 7th floor), it was pretty much just a question of what apartment and view I would end up getting, because I was certain that I wanted to live there. We went to a few smaller apartments, and the last one she showed was the 2 bed room 2 bath on the 19th floor. I made a post on my Google+ page with some of the shots that I posted earlier, but I wanted a special shot of Camden Yards for my photo blog. I still cannot believe that this is the view that I will see every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed. It is one of MANY reasons that I am looking forward to moving out here in a few weeks!

Overlooking Camden Yards

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  1. Invest in some good blinds for the windows, those bank of lights may be bright! Anxious to see it filled with spectators, Good Luck!