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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

The following shots are from the San Antonio zoo. The shot of the smaller bird on the ground, and with it's wings spread, I unfortunately was not able to find what species it was. He was on the ground in the middle of the Hixon Bird House, and I took some close-ups of him as he posed for the camera. I actually laid flat on the ground, slightly looking up at him, to get the close-up. The second shot was after I took a few shots of the other birds in the middle, I turned around and his wings were spread as if he were either A) stretching or B) trying to intimidate me.

Closeup of bird

Bird with wings spread

The next picture is of the flamingo exhibit near the entrance of the museum. The flamingos here seem pinker than the ones at Sea World, they have a larger display, and a waterfall. Each of those items make them much more photogenic than the birds at Sea World

Flamingos at the zoo

The next shot is of a rattlesnake that was in the, I'm kidding. It was in one of the displays in the Reptile House. Because I didn't take my tripod with me, this was the only shot from there that came out well, mainly because the light in the display was so bright.


And lastly, my favorite picture from the zoo. This is a black-crowned crane, which is mainly found in Africa. I walked back and forth trying to get a good shot of them, when the it seemingly saw me, took a few steps toward me, and just stopped, waiting for me to take a picture. I doubt that it what it was really doing (it probably wanted food from me) but I think the shot came out very nice.

Black crowned crane

As always, I appreciate any feedback on any of these (or other pictures). Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or any ideas for shots to try to take. Thanks again for stopping by!

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