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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hogwarts - Day and Night

Today's photos come from Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, the theme park that is located next to the original Universal Studios Park near downtown Orlando. The "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" is one of the newest and most heavily promoted attractions at the park. The area includes three roller coasters (two of them are the same ride) and a recreation of the town of Hogsmeade, complete with shops and attractions. The center piece is the castle itself, which contains a ride that takes visitors on a ride around the "world" of Harry Potter. Visiting was pretty interesting, but I think the castle itself was by far the highlight of attraction.

It was a little windy when I took the day shot, so the trees have a little bit of ghosting, but once again I like how that looks, especially compared to the stationary castle. I managed to Photoshop the floodlights out of the day shot, but I wasn't able to remove it from the night shot as I would have to had modify the castle and I feel that would detract from the overall quality of the shot.

Hogwarts - Day

Hogwarts - Night

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  1. My son used your night shot for a report cover. Hope that's okay! It was definitely the best in Google images.