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Saturday, October 23, 2010

San Fernando and lightning

For some reason I was awake early this morning (the dogs woke me up wanting food at about 5:30 and I was instantly wide awake, not exactly sure why!) and I decided to go downtown to try to get some sunrise shots. We have had some really beautiful sunrises over the past few days. So much so that I wished that I wasn't going in to work and could get some shots of them. As my luck would have it, there wasn't much of a sunrise today because a thunderstorm popped up out of nowhere, so my plans to capture a sunrise over the city went away. But I decided to try use the opportunity to hopefully get in to San Fernando Cathedral and take some wide angle shots but it wasn't open yet. I decided to take some exterior shots instead, and on my 4th take, I was able to capture a lightning strike in the background. I was also able to capture the giant raindrops splattering on the ground as well.

I admittedly got very lucky in to capture the lightning, most of it beforehand were just flashes in the sky, but capturing a series of bolts is one of the shots I have been striving for, and I finally got lucky and caught one. Although now I am greedy and want more of them! I hope you enjoy the photo!

San Fernando and lightning

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