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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Great White and Duck

The photos in today's post were both taken at Sea World San Antonio while I was visiting the park getting some day time shots. The first photo is of the inverted roller coaster "The Great White". The coaster opened in 1997 and the ride is actually the same layout, although the overall track is shorter, as "Batman the Ride", which strangely enough is also located at the other amusement park in San Antonio, Six Flags Fiesta Texas. (At Six Flags the ride is called Goliath, which is actually the same ride that was located at Six Flags New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina). I took this shot while testing out the speed aspect of a f/2.8 lens as opposed to a f/4 lens.

First Loop of Great White

The second shot is a shot of a duck that walked right up to the camera while I was debating on taking more shots of the flamingo and duck exhibit at Sea World. You can purchase food to feed the birds in the exhibit, and I think this duck thought that I was going to give it food. I like this shot because the background is blurred because the lens is fast and the subject was very close to my lens (I would say at most the bird was 2 feet away), blurring most of the background except for the primary subject of the shot (for example, if I took this shot at f/8 a majority of the image would be sharp).

Duck Staring at Camera

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