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Sunday, December 12, 2010

St. Matthew's Cathedral - Revisited

Today's bonus post is again from St. Matthew's Cathedral, located in Washington, DC. I took the first shot with a Canon T1i and Tamron 10-24mm lens. Today's photo was taken with a Canon 60D and a Canon 10-22mm lens. I think you will notice quite a difference between the two shots. The shot I took today is MUCH sharper and has more realistic colors than the original.

The vantage point for this shot is slightly more forward than the previous shot. The reason for that is that I did not want the hanging lights to block the figures on the arches like they did in the previous shot. The height of the camera from the ground is also much lower today, allowing me to capture more in the shot. The lower height allows almost the same overall field of view of the original, even though I am about 15 feet closer to the front of the cathedral in today's shot.

Another difference from the previous shot is that I have learned more about the importance light balance and color saturation during processing. As a result, the overall feel of the photo I think looks more realistic and is a more accurate representation of the scene that I capture while I am shooting.

Please let me know what you think, which picture you like more, and if you can notice differences between the two shots.

New St. Matthews Cathedral shot

Old St. Matthews Cathedral shot


  1. Well I loved this pic the first time around but I have to say the second picture is gorgeous!!! The color is amazing and the way the panels in the ceiling were picked up in the second pic is remarkable. There is so much dimension and depth in the second pic. The lights in the first pic kind of blend into the gold color of the walls but with the second picture they actually stand out more. Very stunning!!! Now I want to go out and get a new camera :)

  2. Thanks! The bleeding of color seemed to be an issue with the Tamron lens, which is why I got rid of it in favor of the Canon 17-40 and 10-22. The camera makes a small difference in the size and overall detail, but as with any upgrade the lens is quite possibly the most important part. That and not getting crazy with color saturation in post processing.

    I think the new one is in an entirely different class than the previous one. Probably in another year if i go back and shoot it again it will look even more impressive, but I don't know. I like to think that with more experience it would, and I know I could easily spend an entire day inside the cathedral shooting.