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Monday, February 14, 2011

Gone fishin'

Today's photo is the second in a series of photos I took Saturday at the Medina River Natural Area in southern San Antonio. As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the photo I posted contained something that will be featured in the post for today and the post for tomorrow. On the path on the right side of the photo, near the base of the larger tree that is still standing, you can make out what appears to be a stick. As it turns out, it is not just a single stick, there were two of them that already had quite a bit of fishing line, a sinker, a bobber, and a fish hook already fashioned to create very basic fishing poles. I don't know if they were left there on purpose, but since there were not many people in the park I obliged myself to take them down near the water and set up a couple of shots. (And just in case they were left there, I did return them after I was done taking the shots!)

I positioned the fishing poles along the bank of a small island in the river, then setup the camera fairly low to the ground to take this shot. I wanted the focus in this shot to be on the foreground (the fishing poles and the island itself) so I used AlienSkin Software's Bokeh 2 to selectively "blur" the rest of the background, while retaining the focus and detail that I wanted near the camera. The shot came out better than I had hoped when I was setting up the shot, as this is the first time that I have ever purposely placed "props" for a photo, but I am quite pleased with the result.

Gone fishin'

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  1. I really do like this shot a lot!!! Love the bokeh! Been playing around with bokeh a little bit.