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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sea World San Antonio - Cannery Row Caper I

Welcome back to the continuing Sea World Week photo series! Today's post covers the beginning portion of the show "Cannery Row Caper" at Sea World San Antonio. The show stars two sea lions (Clyde and Seamore), a walrus (Uncle Max) and an otter (OP Otter), as well as some human actors. Countless hours are spent training the animals to get them to respond to verbal and non-verbal cues so they act along with the script. But of course, as with any live performance, things do not always go as scripted.

(NOTE: Some aspects of this post could be considered a "Spoiler Alert", so if you have not seen the show and want to be totally surprised, please just look at the photos.)

The show started off with one of the sea lions not visiting the desk to pick up the glasses prop. It took about a minute of coaxing (and some extra fish) before he finally ambled over to the desk to put on his glasses:

Then the most beautiful sea lion that has ever been seen (complete with a pair of unbelievably kissable lips!) ambled in to the office to enlist the aid of the "detective" to determine the cause of the missing fish on Cannery Row:

The next few scenes went off without a hitch, however, the scene in the dinner with Dusty didn't quite go as planned. It once again took several fish (in fact, the sea lion actually started eating the fish rather than letting them stay on the plate). I think that this shot captured the "diva" attitude the sea lion displayed quite nicely:

And then everything just went out to left field. One of the sea lions developed a bit of a "going" problem during the show. That, combined with the lack of cooperation from the sea lions, led to quite a bit of laughter from the crowd. The hilarity of the situation was also not lost on the actors:

Please stop back again tomorrow as the "Cannery Row Caper" series continues! Tomorrow's post will primarily feature OP Otter!

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  1. Sweet Lord, this is great Brian!!! I love the way you've weaved the photos and the blog together to really bring us along on this journey with you! I can't wait for tomorrow's edition now. Great work!!!