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Friday, December 24, 2010

Candy Cane Forest

Today's photo is another shot from the Christmas Celebration at Sea World San Antonio. The area is lit in red lights and decorated with large candy canes. From the Sea World San Antonio website:

Candy Cane Forest
Location: Near SeaFire Grille
You can sip hot cocoa as you experience this self-guided area of the park. Everything will be adorned red and white. From the 8-foot-tall candy canes to the red and white floral designs, Candy Cane Forest will leave you craving a peppermint or two!

I took this shot from the path just outside of the display and set up the tripod a little lower than normal so I could capture the bushes in front of the display to add green coloring to the shot naturally. The entrance, which is illuminated in white lights, in fact they are what cast the white glow on the left side of the photo, also has "LED snow" but with the needed time-lapse required to take night shots makes the decorations look blurred. I might try to take the shots with a higher ISO setting at some point, but the added noise from increasing the ISO might detract from the photo itself.

Unlike the decorations downtown, this area was actually meant to be red and is just another example of the great displays and attractions that Sea World San Antonio has on exhibit during their Christmas Celebration.

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Candy Cane Forest

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