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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seagulls at Fells Point

Before I took my trip to the East Coast I asked if anyone had recommendations for any areas to take photos of. One recommendation that I received was to visit Fells Point, about a mile or so east of the "Inner Harbor" area of downtown Baltimore. I visited the area on the second day of my trip and it was pretty nice. It was also very cold so I did not hang around too long to take many photos of the area. I would like to visit again when it is warmer. Much, much warmer.

Anyway, this was taken near the Bond Street Wharf building (which I have a few nice shots of that I will process at some point in the future). I tried to get a shot of the seagulls and the water, but I got too close and scared some of them. The brave seagulls are standing their ground looking at me, but several of them decided I was threatening enough to fly away. On the other side of the harbor you can see some of the plants and ships that make up part of what seems to be the "manufacturing" section Baltimore Harbor. I forgot that I took this photo until I was contemplating what to post for today and came across this shot.

I personally think this photo is even better than my shot of the USS Constellation because I completely forgot about it, but I think the end result makes for a very nice photo.

As always, comments and feedback are much appreciated, and you can click on the photo to view it up to X3 in size!

Startled seagulls at Fells Point

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