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Sunday, December 19, 2010

San Antonio Reflections

The post for today contains two shots of the same concept, reflections in the water. I took these shots yesterday during a trip downtown with a co-worker to get some shots around San Antonio. The shots were taken of the fountain pools just outside of San Fernando Cathedral. I wanted to get a shot of the Christmas tree in front of the church and noticed, with the setting sun, the buildings looked pretty crisp in the reflection of the pool, so naturally I got a few shots from two different angles.

One of the buildings (present in both shots) has the Frost Bank logo on it (the circular logo) so I am pretty sure it is related to Frost Bank. The white building visible in the first photograph looks like it belongs to the city of San Antonio, but I am not sure of what it actually is. The red building I cannot find anything on, if someone knows what the actual buildings are please feel free to comment on what they are!

I thought about trying to get more of the background in the shots but decided against it and wanted to focus solely on processing the reflections. I think the photos came out pretty well, the colors were a little bright in the first photo so I desaturated that one a touch more than the second one, but I think they both came out looking pretty interesting.

Any comments or feedback is appreciated (as would comments that could identify the other buildings!). And, these photos are the same as other photos that I have posted, you can click on the photos to view them up to X3 in size.

San Antonio Reflection

Another angle of San Antonio Reflection

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