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Monday, January 31, 2011

Water runoff area near Pinn Road and 151

Today's photo is probably one of the most unique shots that I have taken since I started back in September. I noticed on the way to the San Antonio Rampage game on Friday night ("Pink in the Rink" night, you can view the photo here) that there was a decent amount of water near Pinn Road, and decided if a cloudy day presented itself I would see how a shot from there came out.

I ended up going slightly surreal with the coloring and lighting (in fact, I actually blended the colors using a UV preset in Nik Silver Efex Pro) because I wanted it to look slightly unnatural and a little more appealing than just standing water near a road. From the looks of it, this area floods pretty quickly when there is a substantial rainfall in the city (greater than 1/4" (a little local joke there, ha ha!!)). It has been some time since the city has gotten a decent amount of rain, although we might get some tomorrow and (allegedly) possibly some snow on Thursday-Friday. I am fairly happy with how the shot came out, I wish the water would have been a little cleaner, but maybe when we get some decent rain I will take some more shots and see how much of a difference it makes.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback, and remember clicking on the photo takes you to my online gallery hosted at smugmug where you can view this (and any of my other photos) in various sizes (you can also purchase photos there too, if you desire!). Thanks for stopping by!

Pooled water near Pinn Road

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