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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Baltimore Public Works Museum

I took today's photo in the beginning of December when I decided to brave the cold and wander around downtown Baltimore during a weekday. I parked a few blocks from the Inner Harbor and walked down along West Falls Avenue with the intentions of walking along the waterfront to get to Fells Point. Unfortunately there was quite a bit of construction near the base of the Legg Mason Building, and rather than wandering around through an area I was not entirely familiar with I decided to head toward the Inner Harbor instead and take some photos there.

This photo, of the Baltimore Public Works Museum, was taken as I made my way down West Falls Avenue of what I thought was just an interesting looking building. I did not know until I crossed the bridge that it was the Public Works Museum. I debated visiting the museum, but decided against it as I really wanted to take photos around the waterfront. There was a very old looking tractor-ish vehicle in front of the museum that I really wish I would have taken some shots of, but at the very least that gives me a reason to go back and visit at some point in the future!

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback, and remember clicking on the photo takes you to my online gallery hosted at smugmug where you can view this and any of my other photos in various sizes. Thanks for stopping by!

Baltimore Public Works Museum

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  1. Lovely photo of a remarkable artifact of a time that has disappeared, brick by brick, structure by structure, in the city of Baltimore. Writing this in August 2012, I imagine you have discovered that the Public Works Museum was entirely shut down in 2010.

    I plan to write about it on my blog one of these days and how my little company (also defunct) produced a totebag for the Museum's women's history observance in 1985. We were so hopeful then about many things.