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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inside Mission Espada

Today's photo is a reshoot I did over the weekend of the interior of Mission Espada, located just south of Loop 410 in San Antonio, Texas. I originally took this shot back in September, but I did not have my tripod with me so the image was a little blurry, as there is not as much light as I thought inside the mission. I took the shot from about 18" off the ground, as I like to try to include as much of the seating in the interior shots that I take from churches. I feel it gives the interior a larger "look"taken from a lower level.

I didn't do too much special with this shot except for replacing the blown-out windows on either side with a shot with a very short exposure time, so you can actually make out details looking through the windows. While the inside of Mission Espada certainly does not compare to the interior of St. Matthew's in Washington DC, I am definitely happy with how this photo turned out.

As always, please feel free to leave any comments or feedback, and remember clicking on the photo takes you to my online gallery at smugmug where you can view (and even purchase!) this and my other photos in various sizes. Thanks for stopping by!

Interior of Mission Espada

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