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Friday, March 23, 2012

Foggy Blossoms

Today's photo was taken last Sunday, when we decided to head down to Washington D.C. very early in the morning to try to get some pictures of the cherry blossoms, which are apparently blooming very early this year due to the mild winter. (As this is my first year living up here, I have nothing to compare that to, but like Wikipedia, if enough people say it, it must be true!!)

I took this shot with the 100mm macro lens, purposely focusing more on the blossoms in the foreground and choosing to go with a slightly blurred looking Washington Monument. I have two reasons for composing the shot in this manner, the first being it was pretty foggy early in the morning and the Monument really didn't look good in the fog/haze and the second being choosing to focus closer to the lens actually created some nice background bokeh as a result of the lens itself, which I think helps highlight the cherry blossoms in the shot.

I have a few other photos that I am going to process from the trip eventually, and am looking forward to being able to get outdoors more that the weather is warming up and will hopefully be able to post some new and exciting shots in the coming months!

Foggy Blossoms

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