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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mission San Jose

These two photos were taken as part of a series of pictures taken on a trip to the last two missions on the San Antonio Missions trail, Mission San Jose and Mission Espada. I will be working on the Mission Espada pictures shortly and will hopefully have them up before the end of the weekend, but until then, here are two shots of Mission San Jose. You can also visit the National Parks Service official Mission San Jose website, located here

The first shot is the exterior of Mission San Jose. This mission was rebuilt several times over the course of it's existence, the reasons for rebuilding ranging to lightning strikes to possible vandalism in the 1930s. If you only have the chance to visit one mission in San Antonio, I would recommend this one. It isn't far from "downtown", and I feel there are more interesting stories about this mission than any of the other missions.

The second photo is of the interior of Mission San Jose. I played around with the lighting quite a bit to get the shot to "glow", and give it a slightly supernatural feel to it. I also wanted to highlight the marble walls, which was also accomplished by changing the light and color saturation.

As always, I appreciate any feedback (good or bad) so please let me know what you think!

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