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Sunday, October 17, 2010

St. Matthew's Cathedral

This photo is of the interior of St. Matthew's Cathedral, located at 1725 Rhode Island Ave NW. It is near "downtown", as it is about 5 blocks from the White House (it is also near the National Geographic Museum). I did a little research on the Cathedral before we visited it, and it became a must-shoot picture after reading the following blurb on the Cathedral's website:

"Designed by noted New York architect C. Grant La Farge, the Cathedral has been cited "as [having] one of the most beautiful church interiors of modern times."

After reading that, I knew I had to make the Cathedral a stop during my vacation. We arrived at the Cathedral at approximately 1:00PM and had to wait outside a few minutes for the 12:10 Mass to be completed (I won't take any photos of any service inside of a church, out of respect for those in attendance). Once the Mass was completed, I set up my tripod in the center of the church and took this shot. I have to agree, the interior of the Cathedral is stunning, to say the least.

St. Matthews Cathedral, Washington DC

PS: One interesting bit of history about the Cathedral as well, the funeral service for John F. Kennedy was held in the Cathedral.

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