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Monday, November 8, 2010

Overlooking San Antonio from the Hyatt

This is a view that I have wanted to experience since I began taking shots and processing them as HDR photos. It is on top of the Hyatt located on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. I knew they had a "sky pool" (a pool on the top of the building) and heard the views were incredible. On the 30th I finally had a chance to get up there and take some shots.

Overall I am fairly happy with how they came out, the shots are a little blurred because it was fairly windy, and on long exposures wind can affect the clarity of the shot. I did my best to sharpen the images a bit and I think they came out ok, but I would definitely like to get back on there on a calmer night to try some of the shots again.

San Antonio - From the Hyatt Sky Pool

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