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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

San Antonio skyline shot. With non-rushed processing

So, if you were up terribly late last night, you may know that I finally found the perfect spot to the the skyline of the city of San Antonio that I have been wanting for quite some time. I wasn't happy with just the Marriott, the Tower of Americas, Alamodome, etc. The way the city of San Antonio has grown there is not one confined area with tall buildings, it is spread out over the course of several blocks, so most skyline shots only contain a few buildings. I knew there had to be a spot in San Antonio where you could get a majority of the skyline, and last night I found the perfect location by accident.

I recently started to upload my photos to Flickr as well, and browsing through the "near you" portion of the map I saw a shot taken of someone in three different poses on the balcony of the downtown UTSA campus, specifically the Buena Vista Street building. Behind him was the skyline shot that I have been searching for. I found this last night at about 9:00PM and my original plan was to visit the location today. Well, I could not wait, so I rushed downtown to get some shots. I was so excited I rushed through processing just to be able to share the view that I have been searching for with the world. Granted, the photo I posted was not my best work but I was just too excited because I had finally got the shot that I wanted.

Today I had the time to properly process the shot and I think the result is much better. The detail and clarity is much more pronounced, I have a better lighting, color, and overall balance than the shot I produced last night. I thought about taking down the original shot but decided against it because I will always be able to compare the two of them in the future. Plus, even though I was not totally happy with the first shot, someone else out there might be and might hate the second shot. How many buildings can you identify in the shot? I listed the ones that I could pick out in the tags of the photo, if I missed any I will gladly add them!

Anyway, here is my "final processing" of the San Antonio skyline. Enjoy!

San Antonio Skyline


  1. Is This Spot Open To The Public? Nice Shot!

    1. Hi Chris,

      Yes it is (well, it was, I no longer live in San Antonio so I cannot confirm it). Just park in the garage area on campus, walk into the building and take either the stairs or the elevator up. I did that every time I visited the location and didn't have any issues.