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Friday, November 12, 2010

View from "pond" at Lost Maples State Natural Area

This shot was taken from the banks of one of the "ponds" at Lost Maples State Natural Area, located near Vanderpool, Texas. I think that this pond is one of the most enticing features of the East Trail (I only walked the East Trail, so I didn't see the whole park, which may bias my take on the park itself). There is a small area to camp on the right bank (there were some tents, but they are obscured by the brush and angle of this photo). On the far side is a man trying his luck at catching fish (I didn't see him catch any while I was shooting, but it did look like he had some bites).

I am quite pleased with this shot, as it captures the trees and several different stages of leaves turning different colors, which is the primary reason that most people visit the park this time of year. And if you aren't able to visit the park, hopefully the series of photos I process from the park will make you feel as if you were there!

View from "ponds" at Lost Maples State Natural Area

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  1. Wow. Great photo. For some reason this reminds me of minecraft.