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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Baltimore from across the Inner Harbor

This shot of the Baltimore skyline was once again stitched together using Photomerge in CS5. I couldn't really capture everything that I wanted from just one shot, so I took a few and put them all together. I don't know the names all of the buildings that are visible in this shot (the Aquarium is the building with the neon blue wave, and the Baltimore World Trade Center is the tall tan building located just to the left of it) but the rest I am not quite sure of.

After enjoying a delicious meal at Fogo de Chao we walked around the Inner Harbor for a little bit. During the walk I noticed a large flag on a hill that was pretty illuminated and I thought it at first it was Fort McHenry (turns out it wasn't, as that is located much farther to the east), so I drove around the Inner Harbor to try to find the location. I drove past the hill and pulled into a small parking area, which turns out led directly to the water front and made for such a good vantage point that I didn't even bother trying to get up to the hill at all. I think this was a series of 5 shots that Photomerge used to create the scene (I am not 100% positive because I actually did the first processing of the shot two nights ago, and worked on it yesterday to get ready for posting it today).

I am sure there are other areas and views that are better overall in Baltimore, but with the results after processing and the vantage point, I think this makes for a very good photo overall.
I used Topaz Labs InFocus product to help "sharpen" the image a bit, in some areas the product is very good, while in others it is a bit lacking (sometimes it tries to sharpen large areas such as the night sky for no apparent reason). But I think it enhanced the quality of this photo so I used it on top of my other processing tools. I hope you enjoy it! (Once again, I know it bleeds a little into the next column. I think I am going to do that for all of my panoramic shots I post.)

Baltimore across the Inner Harbor

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