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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Frigid water dragons

I took this shot near the USS Constellation in Baltimore's Inner Harbor yesterday. The temperature was right around freezing and there was a good bit of wind which made it feel colder than it was, thus my calling the water dragons "frigid". You can see some of the traditional paddle boats in this shot, I think that they are open for public rental during warmer weather. If I had wanted to rent one I wouldn't have been able to as the small shop itself was closed.

I didn't do much to this shot, the colors of the dragons are very bright, I actually slightly desaturated the picture to make it look a little less vivid. I think it was pretty interesting despite the cold weather the paddle boats remained in the water. If I owned them I would be concerned with them freezing cracking but perhaps they are made out of some material that is fairly resistant to harsh weather.

I hope you enjoy the photo!

Frigid water dragons

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