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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Texas Tables on the Riverwalk

I am sorry about not posting a photo yesterday, I spent most of yesterday in the ER (they are pretty sure it was just a pinched nerve and a migraine) but after having a blood clot in my lung back in September it is better to be more cautious than I normally would be (for me that would mean popping a few Aleve and pressing on). Once I finally got home I was just exhausted and ended up getting about 14 hours of sleep yesterday. So although I already did have a photo prepared for posting, I just had no energy or desire to write up a post when I finally got home.

But enough with all that! Today's photo is of the Republic of Texas restaurant on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. I posted a photo similar to this back when I had to 18-55mm lens that came with my Canon T1i, and of course today's photo looks MUCH better than the original shot. Today's photo has more natural coloring to it, the lighting is better, and the field of view in this photo is much more comprehensive. In fact, you could only make out a portion of the writing above the tables, and the upper portion of the building (the part that says Royalty Coins) could not be seen at all. Unlike the previous shot though I decided against "cleaning" the Riverwalk (in the previous photo I added a blue-ish tint to the water to make it look cleaner). In some shots that looks ok, but at night I think it gave it to surreal of a look and I didn't want this photo to look like that. I am glad I finally made it back down to the Riverwalk and take some shots with the better lenses and camera. I hope you enjoy the photo!

Texas Tables

Not long after I started version

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  1. Wow Brian, love the retake here! At first I thought you had reprocessed your original capture but when I read your blog and looked close at it I realized it was a whole new photo. I actually really like them both, but for different reasons entirely. Your first take really came out well, I love the color and feeling that it emits, but your second one with your new camera is jawdroppingly good my friend! I love the natural processing style you've employed here, it really conveys a wonderful sense to the viewer. I'm really so sorry to hear that you spent your day in the ER there, that's not good! I hope you're feeling much better, best wishes to you my friend!!!!

  2. Oh yeah, I'm doing all right, I was just so drained from being in there for so long that I had no energy last night to write up even a small bit about the shot :)