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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gwangju Korean Pavilion

Today's photo is another shot of the Gwangju Korean Pavilion, taken from a vantage point between the trees and path so you can see both the pavilion and the gate (I would like to also get a shot with the headstone as well but I think I am going to need a fisheye lens for that). I really like how calm and tranquil the park is and I still find it hard to believe it is so close to the hustle and bustle that is I-10 and Loop 410 here in San Antonio. Every time I visit the park it feels like I have been transported to another country. It is truly one of the most unique attractions that I have come across in San Antonio!

For processing I added the border and added a touch of the vignetting via Silver Efex Pro 2. I also used the blur tool set to 50% to help de-emphasize the sides a bit and draw more of the focus to the center of the shot.

Gwangju Korean Pavilion

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