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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve - May 2011

Today's photo is another shot from what may be my favorite place in Texas to shoot, the Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve near Dripping Springs, Texas. I had hoped to get up there on a partly cloudy day, but unfortunately it was clear blue skies. Instead of using Photoshop to put in the cloudy background, I took several underexposed shots of just the blue sky in order to make the differential between the sky and the vegetation less noticeable (personally, I think it came out very good!). I am still hoping to get up there a little bit later this year when there is more of an actual waterfall as well as even more vegetation. I have a season pass, it is just an issue of trying to find the time to account for shooting and about 3 hours of round-trip traveling.

Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve - May 2011

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