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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Steel Forest

Today's photo is another shot of a household object, as seen using a combination of the macro lens and flash. While originally probably looking fairly exotic, this is in fact nothing more than an unused grill brush to clean a newly purchased grill.

I processed this shot using Silver Efex Pro 2 more heavily than normal which at first glance ends up giving it a black and white look, although you will notice that it does indeed retain a small bit of coloring upon closer glance. This is a tip that I picked up from the latest issue of Photoshop User magazine which noted that most "black and white" photos displayed in galleries, published online, etc are not actually true black and white, they retain some coloring in order to make the image pop more than a true black and white conversion. I hadn't tried that method previously and I think it makes a HUGE difference.

Steel Forest

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