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Sunday, July 31, 2011

KENS5 Station

Today's photo is a shot of the building housing local CBS television station KENS5. The station is located near the Denman Estate Park Korean Pavilion, and I have wanted to get back up and take some photos of the building for quite some time. I don't know exactly why I think it is interesting, I think it is the giant "ball" on the back that I find intriguing. I have no idea exactly what the ball is for (my guess is something to do with the weather radar, as there are large satellite dishes located just outside of the building itself) but I thought capturing it at the exact angle that I was thinking of would end up making a regular looking building pretty neat.

I used different brackets for the flags in this shot, I actually ended up using bracket for each of the flags, then I used Photoshop and Viveza to blend the layers together to try to make as seamless a shot as possible. I was not able to get the coloring of the Texas flag or the KENS flag perfect, so I ended up making the red color stand about a bit more so if I didn't explain what I did, you would probably think the American flag was the oldest out of the three flags.

KENS5 Station

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  1. Great composition here to really show off the architectural interest!!