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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Lady's Chapel - St. Matthew's Cathedral

Today's photo is another shot from St. Matthew's Cathedral, but instead of focusing on the main sanctuary, this is a shot of "Our Lady's Chapel", which is located on the left side of the Cathedral. There are several smaller areas of worship in the building, and I plan on capturing and posting on each of them, but I want to focus on one per trip, rather than taking all of the photos in one massive photo shoot. (I have two reasons for this. The first is the time that it would take to shoot everything would take several hours. The second is repeated trips down there means repeated trips to one of my favorite restaurants, Bread and Chocolate!)

I took two sets of bracketed photos for this shot, the first set focused on capturing the lights on the side and the windows near the ceiling, and the second shot focused on the "rest" of the photo. I used DxO Optics Pro to modify the fisheye look of the shot a bit, as I purposely shot it as wide as possible to include as much scenery as possible. (Once again, the "long" shots are a bit larger than the column width on the blog format, I know. But I figured I would make the photo as large as possible for your viewing pleasure!)

Our Lady's Chapel

Please feel free to leave comments and/or feedback below. Also remember that clicking on the photo itself lets you view the image in a variety of sizes by taking you to my online gallery hosted over at smugmug. Thanks for stopping by!

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