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Monday, October 1, 2012

Opening Weekend At Oriole Park At Camden Yards

Today's photo is a picture that I took all the way back during the Orioles Opening Weekend against the Minnesota Twins.  I purchased season tickets this year and got to enjoy an incredible season that has the Orioles making the playoffs for the first time since 1997!  I also had the good fortune during the game yesterday (which was J.J. Hardy bobblehead day, as a part of Fan Appreciation) to catch J.J. Hardy's 22nd home run, despite being hit hard enough, by someone behind me, that my sunglasses flew off (which is what I am reaching down for in the video after making the catch). If you would like to see the video, you can watch the highlight on the MLB website. I also posted the photo of me posing with the ball and the J.J. Hardy bobblehead to my Facebook and Google+ page if you would like to view them.

I took this shot from the top level of the stadium, directly behing home plate.  I used a different format than usual for creating this image, rather than relying on Photomatix for the HDR process I manually combined a regular, an under exposed, and an over exposed shot that I took from this vantage point.  I used some masking to make the crowd a bit brighter, the field a bit darker, the scoreboards a bit easier to read, and the buildings a bit brighter.  I could not get exactly what I wanted using the program, so I decided to do it myself.  I also added some of the Nik Color Efex Pro effects to the final shot.

It has been an incredible season so far, and it is not over yet! I hope you enjoy this photo (and the small story about my fortunate catch yesterday) and hopefully I get a chance to get some great postseason photos too!

Opening Weekend At Oriole Park At Camden Yards

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