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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Twisted Trees

Hello again! I finally had some time to work on a photo that I took last year while on vacation in North Carolina. The subjects of this shot are a grove of very twisted and battered oak trees that line the beach just outside of Fort Fisher (near Kure Beach), North Carolina. I saw these trees the previous year on the way to the aquarium (located to the south of the grove) and waited an entire year to try to get a good set of bracketed photos, then waited almost another year to process the photos, but I think the result was DEFINITELY worth the wait! If these trees could talk, they would likely tell the story of being battered almost continually by (at least) ocean winds, hurricanes, wind-swept sand, and rain.

I took this shot with my 17-40mm lens and tried to zoom in so that the trees themselves were all in the photo. I had to do a little retouching on one side to remove a pesky street sign, and used the Topaz DeNoise and the Nik tool collection in Adobe Photoshop Creative Commons.

Twisted Trees

Please feel free to click on the photo above to view it in various sizes. Clicking on the photo also takes you to my online gallery, hosted over at smugmug, where you can browse this (and other) photos that I have posted. If you enjoyed viewing this photo, please take a moment and leave comments and/or feedback. Please also feel free to pass the link of this photo on to others if you so desire. Thanks for stopping by!!

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