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Monday, December 15, 2014

Another Riverwalk Christmas

Hello again readers! It is kind of hard to believe that Christmas is only ten days away! I hope all of your shopping is done (or mostly done, at least)!

This is a photo that I took back in November of 2011 on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. This was the first year that they changed from the horrible red lights to the more colorful (and, in my opinion, better looking) LED lights.

This photo was taken just outside of La Paloma, which is a Mexican restaurant. It was taken over three years ago, but I think that I waited for about 15 minutes to get a shot with minimal pedestrian traffic as well as not having any of the water taxi boat lights in the shot. If you look closely under the bridge you can also see the Texas flag colored table canopies from The Republic of Texas Restaurant as well!

Another Riverwalk Christmas

Please feel free to click on the photo above to view it in various sizes. Clicking on the photo also takes you to my online gallery, hosted over at smugmug, where you can browse this (and other) photos that I have posted. If you enjoyed viewing this photo, please take a moment and leave comments and/or feedback. Please also feel free to pass the link of this photo on to others if you so desire. Thanks for stopping by!!

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