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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Creepy Room

Hello again readers, and welcome back! The subject of today's photo is the room of a small child, located within the Bellamy Mansion Museum in Wilmington, North Carolina. We stopped by the museum during our vacation back in July and took the tour. The tour was interesting, but the temperatures were in the mid 90s, with heat indexes well over 100 degrees, so it got really warm in the home very quickly. I broke off from the main tour group and wandered around the home on my own to take photos. All of the rooms have been restored and have a central underlying theme, but this room was, in my opinion, the best photographic opportunity out of all of them. It kind of reminded me of a scene out of a mystery or horror movie, where the stroller will suddenly start to move on it's own, or the bed would levitate, or something else that was just unnatural.

I took a series of three bracketed photos from the corner of the room with the 24mm lens (rented from Borrow Lenses!) and did some retouching in Photoshop to bring out how I wanted the room to "look". I hope you enjoy it!

Creepy Room

Creepy Room

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