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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Casa Rio and Riverwalk (and meager request)

This post is taking a slight break from posting pictures around Washington DC, and going back to pictures from San Antonio. I processed this photo on my flight from San Antonio to Charlotte and has been available in my online gallery at Smugmug for about a week, but I haven't made any comments on the blog about it until today.

One of my photos, a view of San Antonio at night (click here for the photo) has been EXTREMELY popular and received several great comments on Smugmug. It was the most popular photo two days in a row in the Smugmug HDR group. This is mainly because of the comments, which not only gives my viewers/fans/enemies/agents from Soviet Russia, etc. a chance to help me take photos and highlight details that you want to see, it also creates more exposure for my pictures and work, which is always a good thing! I encourage anyone to leave feedback on any of the pictures, it helps me try to capture more shots that people would like to see, and helps me determine which shots to process first after a day or night of shooting. So please, please leave comments or questions on the photos that you like (or do not like) and tell me why you feel that way. It helps me produce photos that are more meaningful and also helps boost my photos online presence at the same time!

Anyway, back to the photo for this morning. This is another night shot of the Riverwalk (specifically of the brightly colored umbrellas of Casa Rio). I like this shot because it has a little bit of everything in it. It has a multitude of colors, streaks on the water from a River Taxi, streaks on the bridge from traffic going by, and streaks in the background from a vendor selling plastic light up objects to tourists. It also has, across the bridge, multi-colored lights from another dining establishment right outside of the Hilton (I cannot remember the name of it though). This shot will be even more impressive the day after Thanksgiving, as you can see in the foreground hanging from the trees the Christmas lights that will be strung around the Riverwalk for the holiday season. I look forward to returning and capturing many more shots of the Riverwalk (and San Antonio at night) once the lights are up and turned on!

Casa Rio and the Riverwalk

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