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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Old photos...made to resemble HDR, thanks to Topaz Adjust

The products from Topaz Labs are EXCELLENT for processing photos, and playing around with some of the modifications in Topaz Adjust you can make photos that look HDR-ish, without really being a "true" HDR photo. Having taken photographs of most of the places that the military has taken me since enlisting in 1998, I went through the photos I have and processed several of them, with varying results, using Topaz Adjust.

In the end, I picked six photos that were taken:

- back home in Indiana in 2004
- Mosul, Iraq in 2005
- in Norfolk while waiting to go to Baghdad in 2006
- the flightline at Baghdad International Airport in 2007
- two photos of Babylon, Iraq that were given to me by my roomate's nephew who was a Kiowa pilot and took the photographs (probably the safest way to get the photos of Babylon is from the air).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them! As always, if you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, I appreciate any feedback. Thanks for looking!

Castle-home in South Bend, Indiana

Strykers parked outside of the bombed out palace (formerly belonging to Uday and Qusay Hussein) Foward Operating Base Freedom, Mosul, Iraq

USS San Antonio, Norfolk Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia

Apache on the flightline, Baghdad International Airport, Baghdad, Iraq

I did not take these two photos, I merely was fortunate enough to be able to receive copies of them and processed them using Topaz Labs products

Babylon Amphitheater, Babylon, Iraq

Aerial view of Babylon, Babylon, Iraq

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