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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Air Force One (sort of) and Pave Low

've been wanting to take a picture of the Air Force One look-alike (a painted KC-135 refueling aircraft) that is on the Medina Annex of Lackland AFB for awhile. Today I finally got around to it. What I learned (earlier in the day) was that the Air Force One look alike was actually in the movie "Transformers", as a sort of "stunt double" for the real Air Force One.

In honor of that, I also took a shot of the MH-53 near the Pararescue training area, in honor of the opening minutes of Transformers where Blackout (transformed as an MH-53 Pave Low) flew to the US SOCCENT Forward Operations Base in Qatar. I hope you enjoy the shots!

Air Force One look-alike

MH-53 Pave Low

(And, the sign that talks about the history of the KC-135 painted to look like Air Force One)

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